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Nowadays Solar Power systems are used to power Telecom Towers as many of the tower sites are located in rural areas where regular power supply is scarce or does not have grid supply. The cost of energy and fuel consumption makes the operating cost of these sites considerably huge and is also hitting the profits. Many of such installation companies have installed or considering installing SPV systems across these sites to tackle the power shortage and fuel cost. However, prior to SPV system design, it essential to optimize the capacity by conducting a detailed energy audit to assess the optimum load, rectify the existing design and installation flaws for leakages and reduce the overall consumption of energy at site using passive measures.

Why TeamSustain?

  • TeamSustain was the first company to have developed, designed and engineered world’s first FRP structures for Telecom sector.
  • We developed, designed and engineered world’s first Tower Mounted FRP structures
  • Developed own proprietary software for Business Case Analysis for the surveyed tower
  • First movers in the Solar Hybrid OPEX model which included Applied Solar, Pace, Baskar Solar, etc.
  • Devised Proprietary Shading Analysis Process –first time in the industry
  • Carried out Energy Audit of all major Telecom tower companies like-Idea, GTL, ATC, Viom, Ascend & Indus
  • One among the few companies in the word to own a fully dedicated NOC with Remote Monitoring & Control Facility

Green Energy & Energy Management System (GeEMS)

  • Ensures high up-time
  • Comprehensive Energy Management System.
  • Solar PV, EB, DG Optimized Hybrid Model.
  • Battery charge discharge logic
  • Patent pending design + Thermal management system.
  • Efficient control algorithm ensuring reduced OPEX.
  • Optimized battery charging and discharging system.
  • Optimized battery charging and discharging system.
  • Over 50 sensors and alarms ensuring all issues are immediately escalated and cleared.
  • High MTBF


  • More Intelligent Controls with Cloud analytics and FOTA Updation
  • Live Socket Communication with GeEMS Cloud.
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) for firmware enhancements and bug fixing
  • Bluetooth connectivity for local connectivity and controls
  • Direct Trouble Reporting to the nearest Service Engineer using GPS
  • Premium BOM quality for improved hardware life and minimize downtime