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We have a competent R & D team who consistently works on improving both our products, methods and innovations. Current R & D projects include research into increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

TeamSustain’s expertise comprises dedicated Engineering and Design teams and a Research & Development division which has already spent over US$1.5 million (equal to INR 11.0 crore) towards innovation. TeamSustain holds patent rights for its many products.


Patents/ Trademarks already filed

  • GeEMS- Filed for Trade Mark
  • IESE- Filed for Trade Mark

Patent Awarded

  • Gasification of solid waste to Syn Gas

Patents/ Trademarks in progress

  • IESE
  • IESE- Filed for Trade Mark
  • Chimney H2 Ventilation System
  • Thermal Management System
  • IESE with PCM
  • IESE with Semi Permeable Gas Membrane
  • SPV FRP Structure
  • Process of securing the FRP I Channel on the civil foundation using custom made GI Base Box and anchor bolting
  • Design patent for the GI Base Box
  • Anti-theft design of the FRP Structure
  • Solar panel installation process
  • Special custom made tool for installation & removal of the Panel from the FRP structure

Patents/ Trademarks in progress

  • GeEMS
  • Design patent
  • Configuration
  • GeEMS with RFID authentication
  • GeEMS with Power Line Communication
  • GeEMS with Wireless communication facility
  • Process of Survey using SunEye and PVSyst
  • Design patent for Tower mounting structure (in Space Frame & FRP)
  • Installation process of Tower Mounted Structure for Both FRP and Space Frame
  • Mobile charging stations for telecom tower- 5 charge points and 10 charge points with shelter.
  • Space Frame Structure –Spice Village Model
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Monkey Deterrent Mechanism

At TeamSustain, we are positioned to drive the next wave of innovation in the solar industry. No matter what solution we devise, TeamSustain is committed to delivering the kind of positive energy that helps ensure a sustainable future for both mankind and the planet.