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Solar Boats

Conventional boats running on diesel and gasoline have been the primary mode of waterway transportation. But, not only are they expensive to operate and maintain but also pollute lakes and rivers by emitting heat, noise, odour, fuel and lubricant residue.

Unlike the conventional boats, solar boats are silent electrical boats, with clean engines and zero-emissions. They eliminate the shaking, rattling and the stench of fuel, associated with gas engines, the travellers can breathe deeply, relax, enjoy conversation and experience the pleasure of the ride

Solar boats do not require any costs for fuel and lubricants. Moreover, maintenance costs for the electric drive and the storage battery are low.

TS Solar Boats

With numerous tourist destinations mushrooming around the world with leisurely boat outings, the need for an alternative to the fossil-fuelled boats had been recognized by TS long back. Through its intensive research TS has developed India’s first and Asia’s largest solar powered passenger boats named ‘SURYA’ and ‘SUNRIDER’ for commercial applications.

Solar Boat SURYA

In 2008, TS launched its Solar Boat ‘SURYA’ with 25-Seater capacity as a commercially viable alternative to conventional ferry boats. It was included in the Limca Book of Records as the Largest Solar Boat in Asia.



In 2009, TS launched its Solar Boat ‘SUNRIDER’ with 10-seater capacity. It was included in the Limca Book of Records as Asia’s Fastest Solar Powered Passenger Boat. It won the InterSolar Award in 2015.

International Boating Award (IBA)

TS was awarded the International Boating Award (IBA) in 2009 for Responsible Tourism.


Solar Hybrid Boat

Solar Inflated Boat

TS Solar Boats - Features

  • Ease of Operation
  • High Manoeuvrability
  • High Stability
  • High Performance Efficiency
  • Modern Styling
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Unique Hull Design
  • Large Duck Space
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Powers the entire system of boats
  • Zero Emission
  • Silent Running
  • No shaking & rattling
  • No odour of fuel
  • Improve water and air quality
  • Travellers can breathe clean air
  • Experience the pleasure of the ride
  • No disturbance to wildlife
  • Travellers can watch them closely
  • Suitable for water tourism & recreational activities

TS Solar Boats - Safety Features

  • International safety standards
  • Stabilizer hulls to improve stability and safety
  • Provides reserve buoyancy
  • Reduces the pitching motion in rough waters
  • Increased freeboard for better stability
  • Water-tight Compartmentation
  • Each hull divided in to three water-tight compartments
  • Four of them is filled with foam and no danger of water entry in case of damage
  • Life Saving Equipments
  • Life jackets for adults and kids
  • Life buoys
  • First aid box kits
  • Fire extinguishers

TS Solar Boats - Service & Support

  • 24 X 7 Customer Support by factory trained engineers
  • 2 Years unlimited onsite warranty for the product
  • 10 years Warranty for the solar modules
  • 5 years Warranty for solar charge controllers
  • AMC shall be entered after 2nd year
  • Imparted training on the boat operations

Urge for Ecotourism

  • Climate change is the catalyst behind the urge for Ecotourism. But economics of ‘going green’ should not be discounted.
  • Whether you’re a hotel, an adventure outfit or an historic or natural location or a tourist operator, your attitude towards ecotourism initiatives, like renewable energy system, could well determine your future success.
  • Travellers choose green, environmentally conscious facilities for which they are willing to pay more. What it means you –
    • An increase in customer and guest bookings.
    • A decrease in long term energy costs.
    • A reduction in fossil fuel usage.
    • A reduction in long-term environmental impact.