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Trans Asia Shipping Services, Cochin

  • Trans Asia has varied business interests in the field of Ship Owning, International and Domestic (India) Liner operations, Container owning, Logistics, Plantation, Ship building and Realty.
  • In order to meet the growing demand of power requirements and the increasing cost of electricity in their Corporate Office building, the management of TransAsia decided to adopt energy efficient measures and Renewable Energy as an alternative option

  • In 2012, TransAsia approached and hired TS to implement a suitable renewable energy option to meet their growing power requirements.
  • TS carried out a survey of the site and implemented energy efficient measures to reduce the consumption of power, designed and pioneered a Grid- tie SPV System of 34kW capacity as desired by TransAsia to support the partial load of their office building during the day time.

System Components

The battery-less Grid-tie SPV plant of 34kW installed capacity was engineered by TS with the following components:

  • Crystalline solar modules which were mounted on top of the office building.

    The Grid-Tie SPV Power Pack erected as a fixed type structure, utilizing the vacant area of about 300 sq. mtr available over the roof of the building.

  • SMA Inverters which are efficient, flexible, safe & simple, reduced the energy intake from the grid and provided cost saving solution for life time energy need.


  • The system was designed with 34.4 kWp SPV array capacity and 34 kW inverter capacity which partially catered to the energy demand of their office which included powering ACs, computers, motors, etc and lightings.
  • Since 95% of the load was during the day time, a battery less grid-tied system served the perfect choice.
  • TS imparted certain practices and energy efficiency tips to be followed for energy conservation.