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The largest Solar Rural Electrification project in the world

Mundanmudy village is located at an elevation of 1500–2000 mnear a reserved forest, with no access to the electrical grid. Theconnection only reaches the foothills, and even here due to thetransmission losses, the light in the last few houses onlyglimmer.

Till 1997, the entire population depended on kerosene lamps.But with the introduction of solar lighting system, the lightingdreams of the village have come true.

  • The solar lighting system in Mundanmudy village of Idukkidistrict in Kerala, the largest installation of its kind in theworld, has changed the life-style of the local people.
  • 400 hundreds of houses lined one after the other with brightsolar panels in the village are quite impressive.
  • The project set a new industry standard in the country withTeamSustain offering a five year maintenance contract withlocally trained resident technicians.