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QRS Kottayam

QRS is one of the biggest retail chains for home appliance in Kerala.

For the operations of their Admin office cum central store at Kottayam, they require 20KVA load whereas they had only 10 KVA load permission from KSEB, lest they had to install a transformer to meet their additional requirements.


Under the circumstances, TSL proposed solar installation which will not only serve their additional equipments but reduce the cost besides adding the benefits of energy through clean technology.

System Components

System Capacity:

  • Solar modules – 20 KWp Sungen Thin Film panels.
  • Battery – 1021 Ah 48V Trojan Lead Acid battery (L16RE-2V)
  • Inverter – 30 KVA 3 phase Victron (10 KVA 3 nos)
  • Charge controller – 5 nos.


  • 1.5 ton AC - 3 nos
  • 1 ton AC – 2 nos
  • 3 phase service lift
  • 7.5 KVA online UPS
  • Fire and water supply pumps etc.
  • office and store lighting