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First Autonomous Solar Telecom Towers

Pioneered SPV for Telecom Towers

Through its continuous innovation in technology, TS pioneered RE energy models for Telecom towers that not only lowers the operational costs but also reduce the carbon footprint.

Off Grid BTS Telecom Towers

  • TSL was the first to establish Fully Autonomous Solar Powered Telecom towers in Bangladesh in 2009 with its pioneering project powering 7 BTS Towers located in the far-flung islands of Bangladesh.
  • It was one of the world’s first engineering marvelous.

Feasibility Study for BTS Towers

  • TS conducted technical & financial viability study of more than 10,000 BTS towers – detailed site survey, shading analysis, generational simulations over a 20-year period for the respective sites, OPEX estimation in terms of DG run hours based on Solar PV generation potentials of each site.
  • Design & engineering and project management of more than 3000 towers in the most remotest parts of India.