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AKG Centre

AKG Centre, Trivandrum

AKG Center is the prestigious Headquarters of the Communist Party of India situated in the capital of Kerala - Thiruvananthapuram. Offices of the eminent leaders and seasoned politicians of the Party are in this Centre.

AKG Centre decided to go for Renewable Energy options to reduce their increased use of power as well as ensure uninterrupted power supply for the regular connected loads.

The Centre also took into consideration how to mitigate the apparent emissions from DG operations in future and be a model of Corporate Social Responsibility for others to emulate.

To fulfill their requirements, AKG Centre sought the expertise of TS.

TS after conducting a detailed energy auditing and survey of the Centre identified the heavy power requirements of lightings in the Centre, Space constrain for SPV installation and the budget allotted.

TS recommended implementation of certain energy efficient measures and installation of an optimized 8.1Kw Solar PV Off-grid System which met all the lighting power requirements of the Centre.

System Components

The SPV project which TS pioneered for AKG Centre included

  • 8.1kW Bosch Solar panels which were mounted on a Structure using the vacant space available over the rooftop so as to address the space constrain.
  • 5 KVA SMA Sunny Island 5048 inverter which ensured the maximum service life
  • 2 OutBack FlexMax MPPT charge controllers for maximum power handling.
  • 1021Ah Trojan Flooded battery bank that supported the 24 hours of grid power outage.

Project Yield & Inspiration

  • The SPV met the entire lighting load requirements by solar energy.
  • The standby DG was never used ever since the commissioning of SPV system.
  • A total saving of Rs.10,000/- approx per month in the electricity billing as worked out.
  • Carbon emission reduction by 9Tons of CO2/Year as estimated.
  • The project plan ensured payback period 5 years for the project cost.
  • It served a role model for other corporates and business to follow.
  • It showed the confidence reposed in TS expertise by such a highly Office.